DIY: Pulitzer into Pillows

You know what sucks about thrifting? Finding really great stuff that isn't your size! For example, I found this really awesome Lilly Pulitzer skirt that was incredibly too large, but being the big bargainer that I am, I was not about to say no to a $4 dollar designer skirt. Okay but my bargaining decision wasn't such a bad idea since I turned that large skirt into a couple pillows and was even left over with some fabric for other small projects.

The first thing I did was take apart the seams and okay Lilly, you kinda make killer garments with that fancy stitching of yours (my fingers didn't fancy you much after that, but customers should feel relieved knowing it's top quality). After all the stitching is taken apart, I figured out the measurements of what I wanted my pillow to be like. I did a basic 14"x14" pillow since I get those easily at Ikea and can find some to mix and match with in the future. I cut 15"x15" squares, gave myself an extra inch to take in, and hand sewed the pieces together. Yea, how lame is it that I've hand sewed everything since I was 7 instead of just using a sewing machine like everyone else? I guess there's something relaxing about it and my 7 year old self with killer Barbie dresses, made out of mom's "mysteriously missing from the dryer" socks, never complained. Might as well not change what works best for me. Since your garment will probably not be anything like mine, I can't really give you a step by step guide on how to make your fabric into pillows. However, next time you see something that's a "MUST HAVE" but isn't your size, (especially with a great pattern) don't pass up on it, you might be able to do something else with it.

mermaid hugs xx

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