8 Tune Faves

8 Tune Faves
Let's be honest, well all love the music that gets played on the radio for the first couple of days, but then  it will be replayed so much that there will come a time where you can't decide what you want to drive into to make it stop! 
I love music and it's really a huge part of who I am and where I get inspiration from. So, here is some of the music that I've been currently playing on repeat. I'll list my personal favorite out of each album.

1. HAIM - The Wire. This song is so catchy and will take you on a free ride to Los Angeles.

2. Lorde- Ribs. Seriously her whole album is killer! Just check Pure Heroin out.

3. The Weeknd - Adaptation. Abel gets personal making this song crazy good. 

4. Vampire Weekend - Hannah Hunt. Perfected heavy bass and sincere words.
5. Purity Ring - Fineshrine. Just trust me on this one.
6. The XX - Try. If you know me you know that The XX is my favorite band in the whole world and how hard choosing one song was for me, so just give them a listen.
You won't be disappointed, unless you just really don't enjoy good music and would much rather listen to a garbage truck backing up.
7. The Arctic Monkeys - Fireside. All I have to say is, they know how to make a comeback!
8. City and Colour - The Way It Used To Be. Dallas Green really outdid him self here.

I hope this widens your music taste a little and you enjoy it a lot!
mermaid hugs xx

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