Carrie Pilby


Carrie Pilby (2016) directed by Susan Johnson 


Starring: Bel Powley and Nathan Lane


Quick feedback: Inspired by the novel, under the same name, Carrie Pilby is a movie to watch when you're looking for something less serious. It's especially a good one to watch to reassure yourself that life happens (and having a high IQ has nothing to do with life happening).


I first watched Bel Powley in a movie titled, The Diary of a Teenage Girl (add to your list), where she portrayed a less intelligent individual. After watching her take on this new character, I must say, I like her style.

Carrie Pilby is a young lady with an IQ of 185, which has allowed her to skip grades, successfully graduate Harvard, and live in NYC by the time she's 19. Not that long ago, I ranted about how I was scared to turn a year older because of all these pressing checklists we've made for ourselves (marriage, children, becoming a homeowner etc.), but what happens when age has nothing to do with it? What if it's just part of life's stages-type of checklist? That's where Carrie is at. 

It's entertaining watching her try to discover who she is while having to cross so many life stages at such a young age. It's a reminder that no matter at what age you're deciding to 'do' life, it's okay to not have your shit together.