Face's Faves



Milk Jelly Cleanser by Glossier; Double washing is a thing now and I use this as one of the 2 face washes. It's gentle enough for that and perfect for both oily and dry skin. I was my face twice a day with this.


Witch Hazel by Thayers; this feels good on my sensitive skin. Other toners have too many ingredients and have made my skin burn/tingle and not in a good way.


Moisture Surge: Extended Thirst Relief by Clinique; I used to use Glossier's Priming Moisturizer Rich as my day and night time moisturizer, but after a recent visit to get a facial I learned that the cream is too thick for my oily skin. It's best used as a night time cream. Now I use Clinique's moisturizer in the day time and I've seen an improvement. It's less oily but still very moisturized.

Extra Care

Super Glow by Glossier; with a focus on clearing up dark spots from acne marks, I am using this vitamin C serum. I've only been using it for a week now, but I do see a slight difference in my skin tone so I will keep you updated on how well this works over a longer period of time.

Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop; I'm an adult that still gets breakouts... THERE! I SAID IT! My breakouts are hormonal, so they form around my jawline. Nothing a little dab of this good stuff can't settle down over night!

Jade Roller by Herbivore Botanicals; I use this twice a day (morning and night) when applying my moisturizer. If you wake up with a puffy face (GUILTY) this is what you need! Stick it in the fridge while you wash your face and take it out right as you apply your moisturizer. 


These are currently my face's faves, and whether I'm using them properly or not... they're working for me!

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