Music Monday : JMSN


JMSN: The Experimental Sound

Currently touring various cities all across the US and soon touring in 7 different countries across the globe seems like a packed stressful schedule to have right? Well JMSN may be conquering a lot lately but they have managed to still be the most down to earth band I've yet to meet. Christian (lead singer) constantly interacts with his fans through twitter, myself included, at all hours of the day, and they interact with you in person ten times more. Being a guest appearance in Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, collaborations with J. Cole, Ab-Soul, and Tyga (and many recognizable names) is just going to be the start of JMSN. The energy they give off during performances is unexplainable but you can get a hint of the experimental vibe by listening to their latest album, JMSN "The Blue Album" or simply listen to one of my favorite tracks by JMSN- The One, off the Pllajë album.


Let’s talk: Interviewing Chris (drummer of JMSN)

MW: So what's your favorite part about touring, because I know you guys have been selling out some shows, so that's pretty amazing? Chris from JMSN: My favorite part about touring...the fact that I don't know what's going to be taking place next. Everything is new. We never know what's next.

MW: How did you guys meet Christian and the others and form a band from that? JMSN:We randomly met in 2006, we were all in our own bands. Our old bands kinda came together and we started doing stuff in 2008.

MW: I noticed that the sound of JMSN has changed throughout the years. I listened to the starting tracks of the band to what was recently put out now, it's completely different. Do you think it was your goal to sound this way or was it more of an experimental thing becoming who you are now? JMSN: A natural progression between Christian (lead singer) doing everything and not really having players to come in and do stuff. It just became more of a live thing and we're stripping back from the whole. We love using modern technology, but we don't want to rely solely upon that. It's a beautiful thing, it's amazing being able to incorporate that, but it's just the way things worked out and it kind of happened.

MW: Your albums are great and give off a certain expectation on your performance, but your performances are actually sound a lot different than your album. I was expecting a lot more use of technology rather than actual instruments. You playing the drums and someone else on the guitar and vocals instead of a computer making the beat was not what I was expecting, but it was honestly better than what I heard on the album. Do you think you still carry out the same message? JMSN: Well it's a different interpretation, we don't want it to be so far off that you don't recognize our music. But, it needs to have a different energy and spirit live versus our album. It's a beautiful thing.

MW: What do you hope happens for JMSN next? JMSN: That we can continue being self sustaining and to keep spreading something pure across the world.

MW: Do you think it's more influential to have your music spread through word of mouth or something greatly powerful like the internet? JMSN: It's been both for us, that's the cool thing. It's just a little more personal when someone hears us through another person.



performance image taken by: Evelyn Flores all other images by: Cameron McCool