Taking on Richmond, VA and D.C.

A few weekends ago, the universe somehow led me to have absolutely no plans. No deadlines, no stress, and no chores to be done. The busy body that I am was not going to have it. That is how I planned a spontaneous trip to Washington D.C., with a quick stop at Richmond, VA. Seeing friendly faces and visiting one of my favorite retail places, completely remodeled, served as a perfect rest stop of our drive from Charlotte to D.C.

A mandatory stop at Need Supply happened, and my interior design loving heart was happy. The space has been transformed into a modern and minimal merchandising museum. Everything is set in it's place with single pieces to keep the space clean and classy, but the staff is as friendly as ever.

While in Richmond, I also caught up with a couple of my favorite locals. Marleigh Culver, and her lad, Ethan Hickerson, introduced us to a Cuban breakfast at Kuba Kuba. If you're ever in the area, Kuba Kuba is definitely worth the stop (try the Huevos Rancheros 10/10). After realizing I hit a food coma, and mentally prepared myself for a nap in the car, we hit the road to continue our D.C. trip. A couple hours later, we arrived at Hotel Hive, one of the most unique boutique hotels I've stayed at.

Hotel Hive's entire atmosphere is so well thought out. From featuring only local beers, to having a glass elevator showcasing the work of local artists, it all contributed to the unique boutique hotel experience. The location was perfect! Everything was within a 5 minute Left ride, including our stop at the United States Botanic Garden.

I enjoy visiting D.C. every time. The architecture and the amazed faces of tourists from around the world are just a couple of the things that make Washington D.C. the great place that it is (regardless of who's in house).