Necessary Space


It's been quite a while since I've uploaded anything onto this thing I call a "shareable journal", over a month to be exact.

It's hard to do things like this, things that require incredible passion and positive energy, when you feel like the real world around you is on fire. Every day, the news just keeps getting worse and worse. I realize that I take negative things that are happening to others, very personal. How can I be happy with my life when I know there are children crying in cages? What can I do to change that? Then the endless frustrating filled questions come rolling out of my mind to the point where I feel guilty enjoying anything. 

A break from this space was necessary. I actually needed a break from a lot of things, to allow myself to be upset and angry (very fucking angry). It's okay to feel those things. It would be a bad thing to NOT feel those things. You just have to also get out of those emotions and move forward.

I'm back though. I need this space now.