Music Monday Spotlight: St. Vincent

St. Vincent's, Annie Clark, latest indie rock self titled album is a 'must get into your car, phone, record player, or whatever the heck you listen to music on' type of album! A year ago Annie Clark took a walk on a friend's ranch in West Texas and from there, inspiration drove her crazy and a perfect album was created. Now isn't that how it usually works? Madness drives incredible art. A lot of albums now are created consisting of singular hits every other track and not as a whole artistic story in an album. The incredibly talented guitarist Annie Clark is one of the few that created an album, not just singles. 

Aside from her great music, I must say, she's really killing it with her new style. Annie Clark, you are perfect just like your music.

My absolute favorite song from the album is titled Digital Witness and you can listen to 


(Photographer: Renata Raksha)