Two Fold

I get excited for little things often, like warm Sundays in the comfort of strolls in the park. I also get REALLY excited for big things, like a friend rising up as a local designer. At only 24 years of age, Morgan has released Two Fold, a 7 piece collection of ethical and socially conscious designs. All 7 pieces were handmade by Morgan, here, in the heart of Charlotte, NC. I sat down with Morgan to learn a little more about Two Fold, her KickStarter goal, and what her favorite cartoon was (it was a good one).

What gave you the push to start Two Fold, has it been easier/harder than you thought?

TF: In college I was introduced to the idea that the way our clothes are produced may not be as ethical as we thought. I heard about the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh and it really struck a chord with me. I had never really thought about where my clothes were produced and who actually made them. Then after college, I began working for a large retail company and quickly saw those practices first hand. Poor quality clothes being made quickly by workers being paid next to nothing. Seeing this gave me the push to start Two Fold. I have been supporting other small slow fashion brands for a while now and knew I wanted to join them in changing the way people think about and purchase clothing. I have to say, it has been much harder than I imagined. It’s easy to have design ideas and make yourself something from that idea, but to build a brand and make a marketable product is a whole other ball game. There is so much more that goes into starting a business that I didn’t even think about when I began on this journey.

What comes first: the design, the color scheme, or the choice of fabric you'll be using?

TF: I think it’s a little different for each designer. Some people find a fabric and design something around that. In my case, the designs came first. I had the ideas of each piece and went from there. Next, I chose the fabrics and colors simultaneously.

For this collection, what inspired you and what did you want to see come out of your first release?

TF: This collection was first inspired by my own closet. There are key pieces I wish I had in my closet. I wanted to see a collection of basic building block pieces that fit into any wardrobe, but I wanted them to be interesting. A lot of the basics on the market can be boring and mundane. These pieces have a little something extra to each piece. The handwoven fabric of the woven top and dress, the deep pockets of the tapered pant and the pop of color to add interest to an otherwise simple tee. 

Quick, what was your favorite cartoon growing up?

TF: My girl Kim Possible!

For those individuals who don't really get captured by "slow fashion," what would you say is a plus to this side of the industry that isn't found in everyday retail?

TF: Quality. I would say the best part of the slow fashion movement is the quality of the pieces. When we buy from a fast fashion retailer, we’re looking for a deal. We’re looking to find a trendy piece at the lowest price. “Slow fashion” is all about buying pieces that are going to last, so we can stop the mindless, endless cycle of buying, wearing, tossing.

Do you see Two Fold expanding into things other than just clothing?

TF: I’ve definitely thought about it, but for now my passion lies in apparel. I would love to venture into home textiles, so it’s not totally off the table.

As a young, female entrepreneur, what advice would you give other young individuals trying to turn their own creative work into a career?

TF: Put in the work and don’t listen to the fear. I know so many people that dream of doing good or making a difference or following their dreams and so many of them just don’t want to put in the work to make it happen and let the fear of failure take over. I think every person pursuing something meaningful deals with fear, I know I have. I face it with every decision I have to make. I have to continuously decide to do this despite what might happen because it’s an important thing and I truly believe in the work I’m doing. If you can push through the fear and drudge through the mundane, unglamorous work, (because there is plenty of hard, tedious work that no one will ever see) you can make anything you want come true.

Who has been your biggest supporter?

TF: Definitely my mom. She’s been with me through it all. Growing up she always told my sisters and I that we could do anything we wanted. Cliché, I know, but it gave me the courage to be me and go after it wholeheartedly. She never gives up on us, even when we give up on ourselves. Couldn’t do this without her.

I've tried on a few pieces, and they are something I'd wear along on a warm Sunday stroll in the park.

You can help Two Fold reach its KickStarter goal by pledging to be a supporter.

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All images by Branden Ollish.