Old Leather is Good Leather

Do you ever just feel like a room in your home needs a little makeover but you also don't want to pay the price of hiring Martha Stewart to decorate? Yea, I feel like that too every day to be honest. I updated my living room by thrifting these retro leather chairs that used to belong to a pharmacy. I try to contain myself from using all caps when I get overly excited about something, BUT THEY WERE 8 DOLLARS (each)! Talk about basically stealing something.
Anyways back to the point of this, you should visit your local second hand store to find some unique pieces!
The trick to picking out unique pieces out of a pile of (some might refer it to) "crap" (but I call it, on clearance art work), is to picture them individually in your own home. Before setting an item up in a room make sure to: wash, sanitize, deodorize, and anything else you might need to do to that lovely piece you've brought home.
Good luck and happy thrifting!
P.S. If you love the rug, you can find it at Ikea (here).