Local Chew: The Workman's Friend

There's this small pub in Plaza Midwood that I used to go to for the drinks, until I had their food. Now, I go there for both. At night, The Workman's Friend is an absolute Irish pub show. Dim lighting, loud GOOD music (I rarely say that about pubs around here), drinks with their own Workman twist, and overall good vibes. Fun fact: they have a drink named Evelyn... my drink of choice. 

I once ordered a burger and fries at 10p.m. that was so good, I had to go back during the day to make sure it wasn't Evelyn speaking to me (I'm talking about my drink here fyi not myself...) and yes, it was as great as I thought. It's now one of my favorite burger spots in Charlotte. Not into burgers? Try their fish and chips or fried calamari!

See you there for drinks (and bites)!