Taking on Charleston (again)


Last weekend the lad and I went out of town and ate our way through Charleston, SC to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. A few of these images might look familiar (my first Charleston trip post) because we always stay at the same inn but it's our favorite!

Charleston is only a few hours away, so we tend to visit a couple of times a year. There's beautiful architecture at every corner and Spanish moss covered trees outline the city, but I was more so focused on the food. It wasn't until this time around that I really took the time to sit down and make a list of places to eat at. I was really excited since this city has gotten a lot of recognition in the food and service industry lately.


Butcher and Bee - It was our first time here. I had one of the best shakshuka dishes I've ever had.

The Daily ( by Butcher and Bee) - We stop by every time we're in Charleston. They have great coffee, pastries, and avocado toast.


The Darling Oyster Bar - We're returning guests here. They have great cocktails and oysters that you can order at the bar. I would recommend reserving a table a few days in advance if you plan to have a full dinner here or you can check into a 3 hour wait and walk around having drinks at other bars.

Little Jack's Tavern - I was the most excited to visit this place because they were recognized for having great burgers. I CONCUR! The burger literally melted with every bite making it one of the best burgers I've ever had.

Le Farfalle Osteria - This is where we had our anniversary dinner. It's a splurge-worthy restaurant with a beautiful interior design! I had their fideo which was created with toasted angel hair and filled with flavorful white shrimp. Everyone should try their Chiquita Cooler. It's the perfect summer drink.

After all that food, if you're anything like me, a nice long walk will sound like a great idea. Folly Beach is a good place to stroll around and it's about a 15-20 minute drive from most restaurants in Charleston. 

It's only been a week, and I'm already thinking about going back (just to eat).