Let's Skirt it Out.


This white button shirt has been the best investment I've probably ever made. It fits pretty long so i can roll it up and tie it at the waist over high waisted jeans, pull a Tom Cruise in Risky Business (with a pair of black slim pants/leggings underneath... instead of boxers) or I can tuck it into a denim skirt. 

I've also been getting a lot of DMs on IG if whether or not my Gucci shoes are worth the $$. I say yes! I'm going to transition them into warmer days, instead of thinking fur is only allowed during harsh winters. The shoe is already a statement all on it's own, so it's fun to pair it with a super simple and laid back outfit.

Levis Skirt - similar here or here | Boyshirt Button-up - Madewell | Leather Slipper - Gucci | Purse - Thrifted | Bandana - Madewell