Slow it Down

Some weeks are stressful while others are easy, but regardless of the category time passes us all by. Sometimes we are in a position where we wait around for time to pass us by until it's Friday, because we feel like we need that Saturday to feel alive. Then we beg Sunday to slow down so that we don't accept the cruel reality of a Monday, the day we do everything all over again.

I used to go through that pattern of week emotions too, up until a month ago. Wednesdays are now my Fridays and I am now left with 4 day weekends. The reasons for that is a completely different story. Where I'm going with this is that I've learned to love different days for different reasons. Sundays are so slow now. They're 40 hours long to me. The sun is out longer, the movements are at a glacier pace, the words are deeper, and I seem to feel happier. To be honest, love has a lot to do with this. I don't mean just love from another human being, I mean the love I have for being here. The love I have for existing and everything that exists around me. 

If you're feeling stressed and you're in this robotic cycle of waiting for the weekend, try something different. Do things that make you excited for Sundays. Take some time to yourself. It's important to be happy and your happiness shouldn't be depending on that weekly robotic feeling.

What can you do to make your days better?