Wow: Glossier Wowder


It's officially been a week since Wowder was released by Glossier. (How dare I be a week late on posting about a Glossier product release!?) I just received my Wowder today, and I had the chance to test it out for the first time. So, here comes my honest review!

If you're looking for a heavy coverage type-of-product, this is not going to WOW you in any way. This is for those who love the "no-makeup" makeup look. I don't have perfect skin, in fact, I have some dark spots around my chin that I dab a bit of concealer on. Wowder actually did a great job just blending in the spots of concealer to the rest of my skin. I also used it on my T-zone to keep my oily 4pm face to a minimum, which it worked perfectly for.

Overall if you're looking for something breathable, with minimal coverage, and a more matte finish, this is a product for you.

Since this isn't such a thick type of powder, I do believe that the shades of Wowder would fit any skin tone color. I would consider myself someone on the natural brown tan side, and the Light/Medium blended in perfectly for me.

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P.S.  This is NOT a sponsored Glossier post (although I'm a Glossier Rep) and my opinions are my own. Trust me... if I didn't like the product, I wouldn't be talking about it a week after a release day.