No Blues, Just Yellow Hues

Spring came, along with summer, and both have left again, and as humans do (and mermaids) I think we all at one point go, "HEY, I need a moment to breathe for a second." It's okay! It's necessary to do as you please sometimes, or all the time. 
I've been getting questioned as to why I stopped using this lovely space, and the simple answer is: I needed to pick myself back up. While gone all summer, I have crossed paths with many wickedly talented and positive people who have filled me up with so much inspiration and positivity to spread around. It's never too late to start over, and so with that being said, I decided I'm going to end this year with a very good note.
Hold your last summer (although it's officially fall now) snow cone up high, and let's make the best of what is left of this year. 
Let's make it count!