Wash & Dry

I love shopping, but not at your traditional 'find exactly what you want' mall, more like your random 'side of the road' thrift shops. Trust me on this, go to a local second hand shop, consignment store, thrift store, or what have you, and let unique pieces that you could not find anywhere else (literally) come to you. The whole "I'm too good for used clothes" excuse is so 2001 and quite frankly, you make the clothes, clothes doesn't make you.

I found my new favorite pair of short denim overalls with unique bright floral embroidery designs at a local Goodwil and after thoroughly washing them I figured it was about time to pull them out to accompany me in this warm weather we've been having as of late.

(Thrifted overalls, Aerie true-black lace bralette, Converse Chuck Taylor Classics, D&G yellow & silver string tie bracelet)
Have you ever thrifted something you just absolutely obsess over?