In order to watch my spending, I decided to get a little organized on what pieces I'm investing in. As of late, I've been doing a little too much splurging for someone who hasn't gotten any Christmas shopping done, so I decided to make myself a board and purchase only 1 item every time I get paid (aka every two weeks), and once those 6 items are crossed off I'll be able to add another 6.

Hopefully this way I can keep myself in check with budgeting as well as keeping myself away from things I don't actually need. Yes, that Modernica planter is a need, not want.

Casio Women's Digital Gold-Tone Watch (34x29mm) via Macys.com

Case Study ceramic cylinder with wood stand (small) via Modernica.net

Jardin Heel (blue) via Maraisusa.com

Dozer Dres  (white) via theReformation.com

Jacket C27 (OWJC27) via OakandFort.com

Wilfred Free Daria pant (black) via us.aritzia.com