Getting Quirky at Quirk


This past weekend, I took a getaway weekend trip to Richmond, VA, and although we didn't get the chance to actually stay at Quirk Hotel, we decided to have breakfast there early Sunday morning. Their breakfast menu was pretty short and we decided to go with the house omelet, chose the baked avocado on toast with bacon and some sort of spread topping that I can't quite remember the name of, all along with a side of house potato fries. It was all so good and I'm so glad that we made that breakfast choice. I'm still trying to figure out how to copy that recipe into my own kitchen.


I'm a huge fan of midcentury furniture with modern twists to it. In this case, the choice of color and architectural placement. Quirk has very specific placement of midcentury furniture in various shades of pink in a large escalated ceiling space with fig trees in corners, what I'm trying to say is, it was dreamy! The staff was so welcoming and kind making it an even better experience making everyone feel at home. If you stop by Richmond, VA make sure you take a quick stop at Quirk for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks.

Images by Branden Ollish @brollish