Wishy Washy: Body Hero


Body Hero by Glossier came out a few days ago, and like most Glossier products, I rushed to try it out myself. I was never into "branded" body washes (remember everyone was obsessed with VS's Love Spell?) because I have sensitive skin. If it has too many chemicals, and not a milk base, my skin gets rashes and it's just not fun. I've used this for 2 days now and the reaction has been the complete opposite of what I was expecting. It's AMAZING and soothing!

I used a scrub brush in the shower, and then layered up on the cream. The wash is oil based which is super hydrating and cleanses very well, not like the other stuff that smells good but you still feel dirty (especially if you're doing some hard physical work... this would be good after working out). The cream is very rich and you don't need a lot to start with. It's like the Priming Moisturizer Rich, but for your body. It leaves a highlighter-type-of-light on your skin, which will be nice to have during the cold drying months coming up.

If there was 1 thing I could change about the wash, it would be the scent. The scent is nice, but I'm more of a fresh notes type of girl. This is a rosy type of note. It smells VERY good, but I hope they come out with a fresher scent as well. The cream is very scent neutral which I love, because it doesn't compete with my daily perfume.

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P.S. I'm a Glossier Rep, but I never post things I don't like/haven't tried myself. I purchase ALL my own Glossier products, and don't get paid to promote any products, so these opinions are my own.