Mother! (2017) directed by Darren Aronofsky


Starring: Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem

Quick feedback: Jennifer Lawrence really stepped out of her comfort zone in a role that made me very uncomfortable (a good thing). Something to watch for an interesting perspective on a biblical themed storyline, a modern fanatic one.


Leading up to release date, not much information was given on Mother! or what characters the actors played. From previews, I thought this film was going to be more of a horror murder movie than an actual sociological thriller. Jennifer Lawrence really outdid herself in this role, and I really hope she continues to work on projects like this! 

*spoilers following*

This movie seems (to me) to be broken down into 3 sections with 3 different focuses. The beginning is a slower pace, that fills you up with anger watching Mother (Jennifer) be so submissive in her relationship with Him (Javier). Their relationship doesn't seem healthy, and you can see how it slowly leads into a destructive ground. 

The middle story is around what I perceived as multiple biblical references filled with rude strangers brining their greed into what is considered a "paradise" to Mother. A precious stone is off limits to these guests (forbidden fruit?), two brothers fight to death over wealth (Cain and Abel?), and other little details that make you think, "wait, is this biblical?"

The ending is a rush of anxiety and madness. You come to realize who Him is supposed to reference: the creator. It's an interesting and original perspective of obsession with  "fans" over Him, and watching those "fans" participate in the destruction of his work. Things happened that made my stomach hurt. I couldn't believe I was watching this happen... Darren Aronofsky clearly did a damn good job. It's a movie that keeps you reviewing scenes in your head for connections. 

Unfortunately, some scenes I wish I could unsee, including one that will make me see Kristen Wiig in a different light.

Go see Mother! 

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