Music Monday: Cries Wolf


Cries Wolf – Space & Time

Do you ever accidentally run into something new, interesting, and so unique that you simply can't turn away from it? Kind of like a really good Pizza, kind of. I get like this with many things, but especially with music, which is why it would've been so wrong of me to not share Cries Wolf. I accidentally ran into Cries Wolf, an indie-folk band from the UK, made up of incredibly focused and talented five young men. It's that kind of romantic ballad type of music that doesn't really exist in a genuinely unique form anymore, other than the super bass added pop music that takes away the attention from the meaningful lyrics. With Lloyd Henley on vocals (wow can this human being make you feel something), Alex Sansom on an acoustic guitar, David Brown on the electric guitar, Joe Callingham on the bass, and Lewis Crawley on the drums, Stubborn Love is my favorite single of theirs. Think Angels and Airwaves but without all the space tech sound effects and more of a mellow chill classic tune you want to sing your heart out along with hundreds of people at music festivals during the summer. Cries Wolf just released Space & Time, their EP and it's available from iTunes, or you can order a hardcopy from Aside from their perfected unique sound, just take a minute to check out their creative minds for creating their cover and logo artwork. It's small details like this that I really appreciate bands for. They love what they do and they want to be involved in every part of their own projects. That's something I believe we can all respect.


If you're a reader from the UK, you're not going to want to miss their show on February 25th in Leicester Square. Check out their social media sites and official page for additional information. All photos and discography artwork provided by Cries Wolf.

Let’s Talk- Interviewing Cries Wolf.

Where do you get your inspiration from? CW: We have such a wide range of influences, it would just be boring to sit here listing names and bands. Anyone that we've seen live and given us a taste of what we all want to achieve by doing this, have really inspired us to hopefully one day play in front of thousands of people on a regular occasion. We also like to use our music to get inspirational with other stuff. We like to carry our music throughout everything we do such us creating our own artwork and videos.

How did you guys even start a band? Were you mutual friends, relatives, or how so? CW: Lloyd and Alex met through college. Dave was a mutual friend of Alex's and he introduced him to Lloyd and they decided to start a band together because we all found common ground in the fact we love music. After a year, we added Joe and Lewis through knowing them through school and seeing them in other bands, and now it's impossible imagining doing this without them!

What would be your ultimate goal with Cries Wolf? CW: Ultimate goal, it's pretty cool thinking about people spending their hard earned money on coming to see us do what we love the most. There's no better feeling knowing people are going out of their way to listen to you play some songs you wrote in your bedroom with your mates. So, to hopefully have that on a greater scale with thousands of people would be incredible.