Taking on Chicago

I recently visited the Windy City, and yes, it was indeed windy. Chicago is made up of some of the tallest buildings I have ever been around (other than One World Trade Center in NY), making me feel like the shortest person on earth. Architecture and art seem to have a strong tie to the city's culture, and I think everyone needs to just walk around, look up, and take it all in.

Places I visited and loved:

The Art Institute of Chicago, where I saw so many beautiful Eames chairs.

The Robey for Breakfast with my good lady Adeline.

High Five Ramen for dinner. The space I have ever ate at making it work the hour and a half wait.

The Allis for breakfast with my long term internet friend Anika and my new pal David.

Cafe Integral for coffee, again with Anika and David.

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I know my list is a bit short, but it was a little difficult to document all the places I visited with the wind attacking my soul.

Hopefully I have given someone out there a couple of new places to visit.