Peace of Mango

Fast fashion retailers are always put under fire for their environment unfriendly business practices -- this isn't news. Some of us are well aware of the effects the industry brings on the environment, and some of us really do want to do something about it. However, with the lack of extra spending money, the prices of conscious pieces independent designers offer are a little unreachable sometimes. I get it. That's why I get really excited when popular fast fashion retailers offer a conscious collection.

Mango is making peace with our needs of helping the environment, and this is important. Especially now when our government is telling us global warming is a marketing ploy (yes, 80 degrees in the middle of winter has nothing to do with global warming...). It's not just that they're offering the sustainable line, but it's also about how it's presented that made me appreciate the pieces even more. The Committed Collection is made up of entirely environmentally friendly fabrics, including organic and recycled cotton.

"The modern world is changing and so are we. We are working towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion future, one garment at a time."

-Committed Collection by Mango